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Get a glimpse of ThriveByWeb’s process for creating real estate branding, websites, and SEO optimization. From demo calls to consistent web leads, discover how we deliver results. Start your online success journey with us today!

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We’re excited to give you a detailed walk-through of our proven process for creating unique real estate branding, powerful websites, and efficient search engine optimization strategies. At ThriveByWeb, we strive to make your digital transformation as simple and seamless as possible. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your real estate journey, our platform is designed with you in mind.
Let’s dive into the process with a real example: Meet Herb Bevywit, owner of Hungry Home Buyers, based in Scranton, Pennsylvania.
Herb Bevywit from Hungry Home Buyers

Herb Bevywit from Hungry Home Buyers

Hi everyone! My name is Herb Bevywit and I am the co-owner and co-founder of Hungry Home Buyers in Scranton, PA. My wife Nicole and I started this real estate investing and wholesaling business back in 2018.
For the first several years of this business we struggled with marketing and credibility. We had a website with another provider and only got about two leads per year. We also had to build and maintain the site on our own. We knew nothing about websites and we knew even less about SEO. And to be honest, we have no interest in learning those things.
Then in 2022 we were referred to ThriveByWeb and our business has never been the same. I would like to share my experience working with ThriveByWeb and how they helped us build a thriving real estate business.

Day 0: Demo Call

My ThriveByWeb experience kicked off with an eye opening demo call. They walked me through their robust platform and the suite of services they offer. They took me on a virtual tour of their custom logo and branding package creation, demonstrating how they tailor each design to reflect the unique essence of a business. This personalized approach was precisely what we were looking for to ensure Hungry Home Buyers stood out in the crowded real estate market.
Next, they showcased their custom website creation process. ThriveByWeb explained how they focus on building user-friendly, aesthetically appealing websites that aren’t just functional but also align seamlessly with the branding elements. This comprehensive view of their process gave me the assurance that my website would be more than just a digital storefront; it would be an engaging platform that would resonate with my audience.
Then they outlined their full-service SEO offerings. They detailed how they utilize innovative and data-driven strategies, from keyword research and content creation to backlink building and regular performance analysis. The team also emphasized the ongoing nature of SEO, reassuring me that they would be continuously working behind the scenes to improve my online visibility and keep up with search engine algorithm updates.
Impressed by their thorough presentation and convinced of their expertise, we decided to jump right in. Immediately after the demo call, I signed up on the ThriveByWeb website, paid the setup fee, and scheduled my onboarding call – all on the same day. I was eager to kickstart this collaboration and excited to see how ThriveByWeb would help elevate our online presence.

Day 1: 30-Minute Onboarding Call

The next step in my ThriveByWeb journey was the 30-minute onboarding call, a critical milestone that set the tone for the rest of our collaboration. The purpose of the call was to capture detailed insights about our business, its operations, and our goals. This valuable information would then guide the team in creating a tailored branding package, custom website, and SEO strategy for Hungry Home Buyers.
The ThriveByWeb team prepared an easy-to-understand onboarding questionnaire. Their questions were purposeful and insightful, covering everything from our business model, our unique selling propositions, to our target customer profile. It was clear they were committed to getting to the heart of what my business was all about.
A crucial part of our discussion was the geographic targeting. ThriveByWeb recognizes that the real estate industry is very much about ‘location, location, location.’ So, we delved into identifying the specific cities and towns in Northeast Pennsylvania that Hungry Home Buyers would focus on. This geo-targeting strategy is instrumental in tailoring the website and SEO tactics to attract the right audience in the right locations.
The onboarding call with ThriveByWeb was a perfect blend of direction and dialogue. It was great to see my business knowledge being combined with their digital marketing expertise to lay a solid foundation for our future work. I ended the call feeling confident that ThriveByWeb understood our business and was ready to start crafting a digital strategy that would truly resonate with our local market.

Day 2: Logo and Branding Package

As a real estate business owner, I understand the importance of a strong, cohesive brand identity. It’s a key factor that distinguishes us from competitors and creates a powerful and positive impression on prospective clients. It was clear from the outset that ThriveByWeb shared this understanding.
Immediately following our onboarding call, they went to work on the creation of my comprehensive branding package. The team at ThriveByWeb is evidently proficient in this area because within just two days, they presented a professionally designed logo and branding package for Hungry Home Buyers.
We were impressed by their ability to distill the essence of our business into a visually striking and memorable logo. It wasn’t just about aesthetics either. They ensured that the logo encapsulated the brand values and the character of Hungry Home Buyers, resonating with our target customers in Scranton, PA.
But the branding package wasn’t just about the logo. It also included business cards, letterhead, envelopes, bandit signs, door hangers, and a few more things. They also gave us a detailed style guide to follow for all of our other marketing strategies.
The speed and quality of their work affirmed that we were in capable hands. The fact that they were able to understand our business and reflect it so accurately and appealingly in our branding package left us eagerly anticipating the next stages of the process.

Day 4: Custom Website

Building on the excitement of receiving our fresh, new branding package, we were thrilled when ThriveByWeb delivered our fully customized website just two days later. The efficiency of their operations was quite astounding, but what was even more impressive was the sheer quality of the work they had done in such a short time.
The website was visually stunning, incorporating the color scheme, typography, and imagery that were part of our new branding package. It was clear that they had not just copied and pasted elements together. Instead, every detail on the website was meticulously thought out to ensure that it fit with our brand and appealed to our target audience.
One of the main attractions of the website was its user-friendly layout. Prospective clients visiting the website could easily navigate their way around, find all the information they needed about Hungry Home Buyers, and most importantly, understand how to get in touch with us.
The website had been designed with SEO considerations in mind. It featured city and town-specific landing pages, based on our earlier discussions, to target our local market effectively. These landing pages were rich in relevant content and optimized for the keywords that our potential customers were likely to use.
All in all, the website creation process was executed with a keen attention to detail, in-depth understanding of our business, and an emphasis on user experience and search engine visibility. After seeing the website, I felt more confident than ever about taking my business to the next level with ThriveByWeb.

Day 5: Our New Website Went Live

Once we approved the website, it was time to get our new site up and running on the web. I remember being slightly apprehensive at this stage because I’m not a technical guy, but ThriveByWeb reassured me that the process would be seamless. And it truly was.
Our domain name, hosted with GoDaddy, was all that was required from our side. We provided ThriveByWeb with the necessary access, and they took over from there, handling all the technical aspects of taking the website live. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise they displayed.
The following day, I remember typing our domain name into the browser, and there it was – our brand-new, fully functional website, live for the world to see. It was a gratifying moment that marked the start of a new era for Hungry Home Buyers.
I should mention that the ease of the transition process was no small matter. It can often be complicated, with a risk of downtime during the switch that could potentially lead to lost leads. But with ThriveByWeb, it was a smooth, hassle-free process. The transition to the new website was executed seamlessly, with zero downtime, which was a testament to their technical prowess and meticulous planning.
This step in the process reassured me that we had made the right choice in partnering with ThriveByWeb. It was not just about their ability to deliver high-quality work, but also about their commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for their clients. This characteristic is, in my opinion, what sets them apart in the digital marketing space.

Day 6+: Monthly SEO Services

Once our website was live, it was time to get the word out there, and that’s where ThriveByWeb’s SEO services came into play. They began by thoroughly explaining the whole process and setting clear expectations, which I appreciated. SEO is a long-term investment, and they were transparent about the fact that it would take a couple of months to start seeing tangible results.
The ThriveByWeb team took care of everything, from on-page SEO, creating city-specific landing pages, to managing our business listings. They started by doing comprehensive keyword research to identify the best keywords to target in our market. This included both generic real estate keywords and specific ones that were relevant to the cities and towns we were targeting.
Every month, they created fresh and unique content for our website, which included blog posts on topics like foreclosure, probate, inheritance, and more, targeted towards our potential clients. This content was not just unique but also SEO-optimized to help improve our search engine rankings.
One of the features that really stood out was the monthly SEO reports. It was a comprehensive overview of our website’s performance, including traffic data, keyword rankings, and other crucial metrics. It was fascinating to see our website’s growth month-over-month and the steady increase in leads we started to get.
ThriveByWeb was always proactive, keeping us informed about any updates, changes, or even potential issues that needed to be addressed. It felt like we had our very own in-house SEO team working around the clock to ensure that our website was consistently optimized and performing at its best. The commitment and dedication they showed was outstanding, and it was evident that they cared about our success as much as we did.

Consistent Web Leads After Two Months

The SEO journey with ThriveByWeb was as fascinating as it was rewarding. Although they had advised us that SEO takes time, by the second month, we started to see the first trickle of consistent web leads. It was nothing short of a revelation. We were not just getting random visitors on our site but actual prospective clients interested in our services – and all of this was happening organically!
Their strategy of targeting specific cities and towns started to pay off. We began receiving inquiries from property owners in Scranton and its surrounding areas, our primary target markets. The website content, designed to cater to different categories of homeowners like those facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, or those dealing with inherited or vacant homes, resonated with our audience, leading to increased engagement and inquiries.
One of the critical aspects that greatly helped us was the integration of lead notification services. Every time a potential client filled a form on our website, we would receive an SMS alert. This instant notification enabled us to respond promptly, giving us an edge in the highly competitive real estate market.
And it wasn’t just the quantity; the quality of leads was remarkable too. The website and SEO optimization were designed in a way to attract the right audience. Hence, a majority of the inquiries were from motivated property owners interested in selling their homes.
The consistent influx of web leads marked a significant turning point for Hungry Home Buyers. It validated our decision to invest in SEO services and marked the start of a new phase of growth for our business. The diligent work by ThriveByWeb transformed our online presence, and the benefits were clear – we were reaching more people, engaging with them effectively, and most importantly, converting them into clients.

Not Just Websites and SEO

My experience with ThriveByWeb went beyond just creating a website and providing SEO services. They have been an integral part of our marketing strategy and have always been ready to assist with innovative solutions. One of the notable areas they helped us in was integrating our offline marketing efforts with our online presence.
We had been using direct mailers to reach property owners in our market. However, the challenge was tracking the efficiency of this strategy and connecting it with our digital platform. ThriveByWeb came up with the idea of adding a QR code to our mailers. This code, when scanned, led the potential client directly to an “Instant Offers” page on our website.
In March 2023, we saw the remarkable impact of this integration. 28 people scanned the QR code from our mailers and visited our website. We were not only able to track these visitors but also managed to convert these visits into actionable leads. 16 out of the 28 people filled out our website form expressing their interest.
But it didn’t stop there. With ThriveByWeb’s CRM integration, we were able to manage these leads effectively and efficiently. We could keep track of each lead, schedule follow-ups, and ensure that no potential client fell through the cracks. The result – out of those 16 leads, we successfully closed 7 deals.
This is a testament to how ThriveByWeb doesn’t limit their assistance to digital marketing services alone. They are proactive problem solvers, ready to delve into unique solutions that help enhance all aspects of our marketing strategies. And it’s not just about solutions; they ensure that these solutions are seamlessly integrated with our existing processes, making the implementation smooth and hassle-free.
Working with ThriveByWeb has been about comprehensive growth – extending from digital presence to overall marketing strategy. They have helped us truly thrive in the dynamic real estate market of Scranton, Pennsylvania.