How Backlinks To Different Webpages Should Be Distributed

Dive into the art of backlink distribution tailored for real estate websites. Discover how diversifying backlinks across pages is akin to a strong real estate investment strategy.

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How Backlinks To Different Webpages Should Be Distributed

Every savvy real estate investor knows the importance of distributing their investments to get the maximum return. In the digital realm, this distribution takes the form of backlinks pointing to various webpages on a website. Just as you wouldn’t invest all your capital into a single property, you shouldn’t concentrate all your backlinks to one page. Let’s dive into the world of backlink distribution, keeping in mind the typical structure of our real estate websites at ThriveByWeb.

Why Distributing Backlinks Matters

In the realm of real estate, no building can stand tall without a robust foundation. Similarly, in the world of digital marketing, backlinks form the foundation of your website’s authority and search ranking.

  • Stability and Balance: Distributing backlinks is like laying down evenly spread foundation stones. It ensures the entire website remains balanced, and no single page becomes an undue weight or liability.
  • SEO Equity Distribution: Just as real estate equity can increase the value of a property, SEO equity (derived from backlinks) can elevate the ranking of a webpage. Spreading backlinks ensures that this equity is spread across the site, much like how one would diversify their real estate investments to reduce risk.
  • User Experience: A visitor’s journey on a website can be likened to a tour of a property. Distributing backlinks ensures visitors discover various parts of your website, enhancing their overall experience.

The Homepage

Every real estate mogul knows the importance of curb appeal. Your website’s homepage is the digital equivalent of this. It’s the first impression, the grand entrance that welcomes visitors.

  • First Impressions Count: Much like an impressive entrance to a luxury condo, a homepage with strong backlinks sets a tone of authority and trust. It tells visitors and search engines that your site is reputable.
  • The Ripple Effect: Backlinks to the homepage have a cascading effect. This is analogous to how an elevator in a building’s lobby can grant access to multiple floors. Links to the homepage can distribute SEO value to inner pages, enhancing their individual authority.
  • Reflecting Brand Image: Just as a property’s facade reflects its design ethos, the homepage embodies your brand’s values and vision. Strengthening it with backlinks underscores this representation.

How It Works Page

Every property has a blueprint—a detailed plan that showcases its structure. Your ‘How It Works’ page serves as this blueprint, providing crucial information on how your services operate.

  • Guidance and Clarity: Like a clear floor plan in a property brochure, this page offers visitors an understanding of your services. Backlinks to this section emphasize its importance and guide users seeking specific information.
  • Building Trust: Property blueprints assure prospective buyers of structural integrity. Similarly, when you strengthen the ‘How It Works’ page with backlinks, you assure visitors of the legitimacy and transparency of your operations.
  • Showcasing USP: Every real estate project has unique selling points showcased in its blueprints—be it an innovative design or a unique amenity. Similarly, the ‘How It Works’ page highlights your unique offerings, and backlinks amplify this message.

About Us Page

Think of the ‘About Us’ page as the living room of a home. It’s where you invite guests in, make them comfortable, and share stories about your family, your history, and your values. It’s a place of connection.

  • Personal Touch: Just as family portraits and mementos give a living room its character, the ‘About Us’ page brings a personal touch to your website. Backlinks here can help humanize your brand, showing potential clients the faces and values behind your real estate business.
  • Building Trust: Sharing stories of the company’s inception, mission, and the journey in the real estate realm is akin to narrating family anecdotes in your living room. With backlinks bolstering its visibility, the ‘About Us’ page can foster trust and make clients feel they are not just walking into a business transaction, but joining a community.
  • Highlighting Legacies: Like an antique centerpiece in a living room that speaks volumes about legacy, the history section of your ‘About Us’ can be a testament to your company’s longstanding presence and reputation in the real estate market. Backlinks emphasize the importance of this legacy.


A property’s diverse rooms cater to different needs, from the kitchen for culinary ventures to the study for intellectual pursuits. Your blog serves a similar multifaceted purpose, offering insights, updates, tips, and more.

  • Diverse Content: Like different rooms catering to various family members, a diverse blog addresses the multiple interests of your audience. Backlinking to specific blog posts can help in emphasizing specialized topics, ensuring varied segments of your audience find content tailored to their interests.
  • Knowledge Hub: Just as a library or study room in a house showcases intellectual wealth, a well-maintained blog establishes your real estate company as a knowledge hub in the industry. Backlinks to authoritative pieces strengthen this position.
  • Dynamic Space: Homes evolve, with rooms being repurposed and redecorated. Similarly, your blog is dynamic, with new content reflecting market trends and company updates. Backlinks ensure this evolving narrative remains accessible to all.

City/Town Landing Pages

City and town landing pages on your website are like the individual properties you showcase in the real estate market. Each has its unique charm, features, and selling points, addressing different buyer personas.

  • Local SEO Boost: Just as prime properties in bustling localities draw attention, strong backlinks to city/town landing pages can enhance local SEO, making sure your real estate offerings are prominent in local searches.
  • Highlighting Nuances: Every property has its distinct charm, be it a beach-facing view or proximity to a park. Similarly, every city/town landing page offers insights into that region’s real estate dynamics. Backlinks can help emphasize these nuances, guiding potential clients to areas most suited to their preferences.
  • Engaging Imagery: A well-designed property brochure with images captures attention. Likewise, city/town landing pages often boast photo galleries of properties, neighborhoods, or landmarks. Backlinks to such visual-rich pages not only improve SEO but also increase user engagement.

Contact Us Page

The ‘Contact Us’ page on a website is much like the reception desk of a grand hotel or a leasing office of an apartment complex. It’s where first impressions can be made, inquiries answered, and where guests or potential tenants know they can go for assistance.

  • Immediate Access: Just as guests know to approach the reception for any request, a clearly visible and easily accessible ‘Contact Us’ page ensures potential clients can swiftly reach out without hurdles. Backlinks to this section reinforce its importance, and it signals to clients that you prioritize open communication.
  • Trust Building: Picture a reception with a welcoming staff, ready to assist. A well-optimized ‘Contact Us’ page, enhanced with backlinks, sends out a similar vibe – that your real estate firm is always ready to engage and assist.
  • Feedback Central: Just as the reception is where guests leave their feedback, this is the page where testimonials, inquiries, and feedback pour in. Backlinks can help in highlighting this interactive facet, showing you value customer input.

Striking The Right Balance: Diversified Investment Strategy

In the world of real estate, one doesn’t place all their investments in one type of property or location. Similarly, when it comes to backlinking, diversifying where your backlinks point is paramount.

  • Risk Management: Just as diversifying real estate investments minimizes risks, evenly distributing backlinks ensures that if one page loses ranking or visibility, your website’s overall integrity remains unaffected.
  • Holistic Growth: Consider a diversified property portfolio, where each property contributes to growth. Similarly, by spreading backlinks across your website, each page gets its chance in the limelight, promoting overall site health and organic growth.
  • Reflecting Versatility: A diverse real estate portfolio showcases versatility. In a similar vein, a diversified backlink profile highlights the multifaceted nature of your real estate firm, from blog insights to property listings.

The Continuous Audit

Much like how property managers conduct routine inspections to ensure everything’s in order, it’s crucial to continually monitor and analyze your backlink profile.

  • Spotting Anomalies: Just as property inspections help catch a leaking roof or a faulty foundation early on, regular backlink audits can identify toxic or spammy links that could harm your site’s reputation and SEO.
  • Optimization: A property might need a fresh coat of paint or a garden renovation. Similarly, your backlink strategy might require tweaks, emphasizing newer content or pushing a fresh campaign.
  • Ensuring Compliance: Real estate properties need to adhere to regulations and safety standards. Similarly, routinely inspecting backlinks ensures adherence to ever-evolving search engine guidelines, ensuring your website remains in good standing.

Distributing backlinks across your website and constantly monitoring them is akin to managing a diverse real estate portfolio. It requires strategy, balance, and vigilance to ensure sustainable growth and robust online presence.

Travis Christianson
About the Author: Travis Christianson
Travis Christianson is the founder behind ThriveByWeb, a cutting-edge digital marketing platform tailored specifically for the real estate industrry in the United States and Canada. With over two decades of experience in graphic design, web development, and internet marketing, Travis embarked on a mission in early 2020 to assist families, homeowners, and small businesses in maximizing their online presence.

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