Why Real Estate Investors Should NOT Do Their Own SEO

Here’s our two cents on why real estate investors should leave SEO to the pros. From potential penalties to lost time and money, here’s why professional SEO is a smart investment for your business.

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Why Real Estate Investors Should NOT Do Their Own SEO

When it comes to SEO for real estate investors, it’s very similar to constructing a building. Just as you would trust an architect to design your dream home, an SEO expert should be entrusted with optimizing your online presence. Here’s why real estate investors should think twice before diving headfirst into the competitive world of search engine optimization on their own.

SEO is a Full-Time Job

The world of digital marketing for real estate is much like an ever-evolving neighborhood. Streets change, new venues pop up, and visitor preferences shift. For real estate investors looking to maximize their online visibility, staying updated with these continuous changes is key.

However, SEO isn’t just about adjusting to changes; it’s about anticipation, strategic planning, and constant fine-tuning. From keyword research to backlink strategies, SEO requires persistent attention and upkeep.

When we talk about SEO for real estate investors, we’re not just talking about a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. SEO demands continuous monitoring, updates in response to algorithm tweaks, and adapting to industry trends.

Professionals like the team at ThriveByWeb devote their entire workdays to ensuring that SEO strategies are up-to-date and effective.

If real estate is your full-time job, do you have the additional hours needed to equally commit to SEO?

SEO Mistakes Can Be Costly

We all know a poor investment or oversight can result in significant financial losses. Similarly, in the digital marketing world, mistakes in SEO practices can lead to declining rankings, penalties, or even being de-indexed from search results. For instance, using frowned-upon techniques, known as “black-hat SEO”, can push your website into obscurity on search engines.

Think about the damage this will do to your credibility.

Imagine having a prime property but due to an oversight, it’s invisible to potential buyers; that’s what bad SEO can do to your online presence. Furthermore, when SEO for real estate investors is done incorrectly, the time and resources spent trying to recover from these penalties far outweigh the initial effort of doing it right. By working with experienced professionals, you ensure that your site adheres to best practices and avoids pitfalls.

Knowledge & Tools Matter

Would you embark on a property investment without the right skills and know-how?

Similarly, SEO isn’t just about knowing which keywords to target; it’s about having the right tools to analyze, optimize, and monitor your website’s performance. SEO tools offer insights into competitor strategies, keyword rankings, backlink quality, and a plethora of other metrics essential for success.

But having tools isn’t enough; understanding how to interpret and act on the data they provide is crucial.

Although there’s a lot of Facebook groups and gurus that make SEO for real estate investors seem easy and straightforward, knowing how, where, and when to utilize it within your content requires expertise. ThriveByWeb not only has access to top-tier SEO tools but also the expertise to leverage them effectively, ensuring that your real estate business stands out in the crowded digital neighborhood.

The Landscape is Always Changing

Real estate investors know that markets shift and neighborhoods evolve. Just as you wouldn’t rely on decade-old market data to make an investment today, you can’t depend on outdated SEO tactics to remain effective. Search engines like Google are notorious for rolling out updates to their algorithms, each one designed to improve user experience but also reshuffling the ranking deck. What works today in SEO for real estate investors might be obsolete tomorrow.

  • Algorithm Updates: Search engines, especially Google, are notorious for frequently tweaking their algorithms. This means that the tactics which put you at the top of search results last month could potentially bury you on the second page next month.
  • Competitor Movements: Just as a new, swanky apartment complex can suddenly make an old neighborhood desirable, your competitors in the digital world are always updating their strategies. They might introduce newer content, better user experiences, or earn high-authority backlinks, which could affect your ranking position.
  • Technological Shifts: From the rise of mobile search to the growing importance of voice search and AI, technology influences how people search and interact online. Real estate professionals know the significance of staying updated with market trends; similarly, SEO demands a finger on the pulse of tech shifts.

To thrive in such a dynamic landscape, it’s vital to have a finger on the pulse of SEO trends, ensuring your strategies are current and compliant. Whether it’s adapting to new schema markups, voice search optimizations, or changing keyword dynamics, there’s always something new on the horizon. Rather than scrambling to keep up with these changes, leveraging the expertise of dedicated professionals allows you to focus on your primary venture. Check out our competitive pricing to see how cost-effective it can be to stay ahead in the SEO game.

Time is Money

There’s an old adage in real estate that “time kills deals.” Delays can lead to missed opportunities and significant financial setbacks. Similarly, in the digital marketing world, the longer you delay optimizing your website, the more traffic, leads, and revenue you stand to lose.

DIY SEO for real estate investors might seem like a cost-saving measure, but the learning curve and time invested can result in hidden costs. Every hour spent grappling with SEO nuances is an hour not spent networking, evaluating properties, or growing your real estate portfolio.

  • Immediate Action: SEO issues, such as site crashes, penalizations, or negative SEO attacks, require immediate attention. The longer these problems persist, the more damage they can do to your rankings and online reputation.
  • Consistent Effort: SEO isn’t a one-time setup. It’s an ongoing effort. Like maintaining a property to ensure it doesn’t lose its value, websites require regular updates, backlink audits, and fresh content to stay relevant and authoritative in the eyes of search engines.
  • Opportunity Costs: Every moment you spend trying to decipher the intricacies of SEO is time taken away from your core business activities. Just as real estate professionals would rather focus on closing deals than mowing lawns, it often makes more economic sense to trust SEO with specialists and focus on what you do best.

Furthermore, the quicker you achieve good SEO, the faster you’ll see returns on your investment. By leveraging expert SEO services, you get to hit the ground running, ensuring your online presence starts generating valuable leads from the get-go.

Quality Content is Key

Imagine walking potential buyers through a property: if the house is clean, staged well, and highlights its unique features, it’s more likely to leave a lasting impression. Similarly, when visitors land on your website, the quality of content determines whether they stay or bounce. High-quality, relevant content not only appeals to your audience but also boosts your SEO efforts.

But it’s not just about churning out articles.

Effective SEO for real estate investors intertwines solid content with keyword strategies, internal linking, and user engagement metrics. Every piece should be tailored to answer questions, solve problems, and position you as an authority in the real estate investment niche. Crafting such content requires a blend of industry expertise and SEO know-how. Our tailored packages ensure that your content strategy aligns perfectly with your SEO goals, presenting your audience with valuable insights while also ticking all the right boxes for search engine algorithms.

ROI is Better with Professional SEO

For savvy real estate investors, it all boils down to the return on investment (ROI). Just like in property investments where location, property condition, and market demand dictate the profitability, in the digital marketing world, strategic and professional SEO efforts determine the ROI. By relying on piecemeal or outdated tactics, you’re essentially investing in a dilapidated property in a declining neighborhood. It might be cheap, but it won’t yield profitable returns.

Professional SEO for real estate investors operates under a similar principle.

By investing in high-quality SEO services, you’re securing prime digital “real estate” that drives organic traffic, generates qualified leads, and ultimately results in increased revenues.

Simply put, the expertise of seasoned professionals maximizes every dollar you put into SEO. Over time, this approach not only pays for itself but also delivers returns that far surpass those of makeshift or DIY efforts.

Your online presence becomes a high-performing asset, much like a prime property in a booming market.

Peace of Mind

The world of SEO, especially SEO for real estate investors, can be fraught with complexities. From ever-changing algorithms to the nuances of backlinking and the importance of mobile optimization, the sheer volume of considerations can be overwhelming.

As real estate investors, your primary focus is on identifying promising properties, managing assets, and optimizing your portfolio. Trying to also become an SEO expert divides your attention and can lead to undue stress.

By entrusting your SEO needs to professionals, you gift yourself peace of mind. Knowing that experts with a proven track record handle your digital marketing allows you to channel your energy and passion where it matters most—into your real estate ventures.

There’s immeasurable value in the serenity that comes with knowing that, just as a well-maintained property is more likely to appreciate, your website is primed to excel in search rankings, all without you having to lose sleep over it.

Should Real Estate Investors DIY Their Own SEO?

While the DIY spirit is commendable, there are areas where expertise matters. Just as you’d advise a client against selling their home without an agent, consider the risks of managing your SEO without the proper knowledge or tools. Allow yourself to do what you excel at and let an SEO professional manage the rest.

Travis Christianson
About the Author: Travis Christianson
Travis Christianson is the founder behind ThriveByWeb, a cutting-edge digital marketing platform tailored specifically for the real estate industrry in the United States and Canada. With over two decades of experience in graphic design, web development, and internet marketing, Travis embarked on a mission in early 2020 to assist families, homeowners, and small businesses in maximizing their online presence.

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